About Birmingham Central Foodbank

About Birmingham Central Foodbank 

Today in Birmingham there are families struggling to put food on the table. For people on low incomes, sudden crisis – redundancy, benefit delay or even an unexpected bill – can mean going hungry.

Every day parents skip meals to feed their children and people are forced to choose between paying the rent and eating.

 ‘Emergency food for local people in crisis’ 

Birmingham Central Foodbank provides emergency food and support to local people in crisis. The foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust‘s UK-wide network of over 100 foodbanks run by local churches working together alongside grass root community organisations, statutory agencies, frontline care professionals, schools and businesses to provide emergency food to people.

Central Ladywood is the base for Birmingham Central Foodbank. The project is led by Birmingham Christian Centre working together with other local churches and agencies.

A report published in 2010 by the Department for Communities and local government shows Ladywood constituency in the top 10% most deprived wards in England and the most deprived in the Birmingham. In recent months frontline services in Ladywood have seen a big increase in demand for emergency food parcel support. 
Birmingham Central Foodbank supports frontline services by providing emergency food parcels that will help to prevent family breakdown, housing loss, crime, mental health issues and increased poverty. 

The areas of the city we cover

Birmingham Central Foodbank works with frontline agencies and support workers in the following areas (but not exclusive to): Ladywood ward, Soho ward and parts of surround areas including Hockley, Newtown and Lozells. We will also work with a selection of citywide agencies outside the area.

Read more about how Birmingham Central Foodbank works and how you can become one of our registered voucher distributors.

For more information contact Birmingham Central Foodbank by email: info@birminghamcentral.foodbank.org.uk or call 0121 236 2997 

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